Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)

Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR)

In India, tanks/ponds and lakes have traditionally played an important role in conserving water for meeting various needs of the communities. As per 3rd Minor Irrigation Census 2000-2001, there are 5.56 Lakh tanks and storages in the country as minor irrigation sources creating 6.27 million ha of irrigation potential. Out of 5.56 lakh tanks, 4.71 lakh tanks are in use, and the remaining 0.85 lakh tanks are not in use for one reason or the other, as a result of which one million ha of irrigation potential has been lost. Many of these water bodies have gone into disuse because of the development of ground water irrigation systems, inadequate maintenance, encroachments, illegal diversion of land for construction purpose, etc. A pilot scheme for “Repair, Renovation and Restoration (RRR) of Water Bodies directly linked to Agriculture” was launched in January 2005 for implementation during the remaining period of Xth Plan with an outlay of Rs. 300 crores. The scheme was sanctioned in respect of 1098 water bodies in 26 districts of 15 States with a target to create 0.78 lakh ha of additional irrigation potential.

Keeping in view the success of the pilot scheme for RRR of water bodies and need for a comprehensive programme to upscale the gains from water bodies, the Ministry of Water Resources launched a State Sector Scheme for Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR) of water bodies with two components (i) one with external assistance and (ii) another with domestic support for implementation during XIth Plan.

Under the scheme of RRR of water bodies with domestic support, 3341 water bodies at an estimated cost of Rs. 1309.16 crore with CCA of 3.094 lakh ha was proposed to be covered. Under the scheme of RRR of water bodies with external assistance, 10887 water bodies in four States namely Odisha, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, at an estimated cost 4 of Rs. 3700 crore with CCA of 8.25 lakh ha was proposed to be covered.

To increase the participation of all the States a new scheme for Repair, Renovation and Restoration (RRR) of Water Bodies during the XII Plan as a State Sector Scheme with domestic budgetary support was sanctioned.

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) was launched in 2015- 16 with an aim to enhance physical access of water on farm and expand cultivable area under assured irrigation, improve on farm water use efficiency, in troduce sustainable water conservation practices etc. PMKSYHar Khet Ko Pani (HKKP) is one of the component of PMKSY. The scheme of RRR of water bodies has become a part of PMKSY (HKKP).


Under PMKSY the Cabinet has approved for an outlay of Rs. 9050 crore for PMKSY (HKKP) component with a target to create 21.0 lakh ha of irrigation potential including 1.50 lakh ha from RRR of water bodies scheme.

Main objectives of the scheme

  • Comprehensive improvement and restoration of water bodies thereby increasing tank storage capacity.
  • Ground Water Recharge.
  • Increased availability of drinking water.
  • Improvement in agriculture/horticulture productivity.
  • Improvement of catchment areas of tank commands.
  • Environmental benefits through improved water use efficiency; by promotion of conjunctive use of surface and ground water.
  • Community participation and self-supporting system for sustainable management for each water body.
  • Capacity Building of communities, in better water management.
  • Development of tourism, cultural activities, etc.